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They are all right here. Russian, Ukrainian girls. Latvian girls. And Moldova girls. Girls from these countries truly are beautiful. Theyre special. And they're looking for great foreign guys to marry. It's so easy to meet dating girls here. Just register, and if you want the real perks, upgrade your membership. In no time at all you can be dating girls. You can write them letters, chat, take part in photo contests and games. Here is the place to find your love.

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    Ксения, 23 y.o. Russia

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    Kate, 34 y.o. Russia

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    Anneta, 27 y.o. Russia

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    Мария, 37 y.o. Russia

  • dating girls online now

    Elena, 32 y.o. Russia

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Letters from Russian girls, and from the men they met

  • Wow! Thank you so much! I've tried so many different sites for dating girls and I never had the success I've had on your site. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Derrick, Canada

  • My Russian girl truly is a dream and I am more pleased than I can say that I tried your site. Life is amazing!

    Robert, Australia

  • I am in love like I've never been before. This is for ever, I just know it is, she's a Ukrainian girl and blonde the sweetest girl I've ever known in all my living days. Ukraine girls are the best!

    Tom, UK

  • With Russian girls it's not like dating girls from the UK – I am more in love than ever, she lives for me and I live for her, I never would've met this girl without your website.

    Brian Cooper, USA

  • I want to tell you I find my soulmate and I am more happy than always I knew what happiness was.

    Irina, Russia

How to get the best out of the site

The most active dating girls on the site are the ones that you will get more chances with. And it's quite easy to find these hot Russian girls and Ukraine girls. Our site is designed to bring back search results showing the most active Russian girls at the beginning of search listings – so the first 100 pages or so, are all dating girls that visit the site frequently.
From these girls, you'll get replies much more quickly, but don't be offended if you send a letter and don't get a reply. Girls will have their own reason for not replying. Perhaps she is developing a relationship with another man – so this simply shows she is being loyal. Other girls will be available, and looking for a man, so just move on to other Russian or Ukrainian girls if you don't receive replies from some.

Photographs are really really important. Of course, you want to see photos of hot Russian girls, Ukrainian girls, Latvian girls, and Moldova girls, and they want to see photographs of you too. Without a photograph, things just don't seem real, and they don't seem right.
Of course, smiling photos are the best. Show your face. Don't upload naked images – Russian girls and Ukraine girls will find these a turnoff at such an early stage. Russian women want to see the real you. Show pictures of you at home, at work, perhaps out walking in the wilderness, playing sport, or with your friends or your favorite pet.
Always be active – look up lots of dating girls. Be positive. Don't take rejection to heart. There are always more fantastic, beautiful, caring, loving, passionate, and sensitive Russian dating girls and Ukraine girls.

Some useful tips and advice for meeting Russian girls

Russian girls and Ukrainian girls are beautiful, loving, caring, and passionate. So make the most out of your meetings with these dating girls. Follow these tips and you'll find your love sooner and you will be more successful dating girls.

1. Travel to see dating girls. Of course, this goes for Russian girls, Ukrainian girls, Latvian girls, and Moldova girls.

It's pretty difficult for dating girls from these countries to get visas for English-speaking countries, whether they're Russian, Ukraine girls, Latvian girls, or Moldova girls, so you need to go there to begin with. But if she is travelling here, don't send money for her ticket. It could be a scam. You can instead buy your Russian woman the ticket to travel. And of course, you will want to treat her when she's with you. This is a much better foundation for a relationship and a marriage in any case.

2. When you travel there, book a hotel in advance. Don't stay with the Russian woman or with Ukraine girls in her apartment on the first meeting. That way, if you don't get along, things will be much easier, and it means you are more in control. When you're comfortable, then you can change these things, and perhaps stay with her; or she can come stay with you.

3. Keep your passport safe. We give this advice to the Russian girls and Ukrainian girls too. Make some copies of it, and if you can leave it in a locker in the hotel, or in another secure place, do so. Most dating girls are only looking for love and for a caring man. But it pays to take precautions, just in case.

4. Learn about her culture. Learn some Russian from your hot Russian girls. Ukraine girls too, of course. If she has children, bring a small gift. Get to know her and her culture. Learning a language for the love of another person is perhaps the most romantic thing you can do.

5. Show that you care. A lot of Western men think that Russian women and Ukrainian girls will run after them following the slightest compliment. Others seem to think that they must give Russian women expensive gifts all the time. Neither of these are true. Russian girls and Ukraine girls want to know you care. Bring a souvenir, something not too expensive. Be romantic. A candlelit dinner, a trip on the river, these type of things. Be attentive to her needs, and make her feel a woman.

Make sure there's no jealousy

Jealousy is a real killer of relationships. You're corresponding with hot Russian girls and with Ukraine girls too. She's looking for love, and she will be talking to more than one guy to find her love too. That's the whole reason you're looking for dating girls.

So, the answer is simple: be honest, be truthful, and develop relationships. If you're talking to lots of dating girls about marriage, then it can feel disingenuous. Find hot Russian girls, Ukraine girls, and enjoy their company, and then when you feel comfortable, when the relationship is more developed, then is the time to talk marriage.
dating russian girls And be careful what you do that could be interpreted by Russian and Ukrainian girls as less than honest. If you're out of contact for some time, she'll start to wonder, just as you would start to wonder. So give her reassurance. Let her know you're thinking of her when you're not with your Russian girl, or of course Ukrainian girls, Latvian girls, and Moldova girls. A simple postcard is great. An email. A call. An occasional small gift doesn't go amiss.

And show interest in her life, her work, her family – ask about how she's getting on with all these things. Be a friend to her as well as a man. Make her feel like a woman.

So, be honest, show Russian girls care and attention, and be positive. Do that and you'll have so much fun dating girls.

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